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LIFE180 Debt Elimination Series: How To Plug Financial Leaks

1) Debt limits your finances - People who are in debt spend most of their earned money paying those debts. Here's a typical scenario. When people who are in debt get paid, they often spend the cash they earned to pay off their debts. This leaves them with a limited amount of money. So what do they do to meet their present needs? However, the government is aware of these sites and keeps on warning people to stay away from these companies. The government maintains the position that what these companies have to offer does not work. This debt elimination tip can save you the agony of losing your money when you are trying to eliminate your liabilities. There is also no way of telling if any credit card debt elimination information contained in the internet is credible. Since the common theme of the internet is anonymity, there's actually no way to tell if an expert is truly an expert. If you go to the wrong website, you might end up getting and following some very bad advice. You simply have to swipe your credit card and presto! You have already paid to the cashier all your purchases. But then the real scenario is this while you are paying with the absence of the paper money at your hands, you are likewise incurring debts which you will need to pay. The worst part is that when things go out of hand and your spending gets beyond control, you may one face a big trouble regarding the dues that you will have to pay. If you are fond of dining out for lunch and dinner, why not try cooking at home? By this you are able to save a lot of cash because fabulous dinners would only cost you too much. But if you do your own marketing and cooking, you will be able to save much. Furthermore, homemade delicacies are much healthier than those bought from the fast food outlets. Listing all of your debts will allow you to evaluate them in an orderly manner and this will enable you to plan your debt reduction and elimination strategy clearly. 2) Pay the minimum balance on all debts regularly - Creditors often set a minimum balance that you have to pay regularly on your debt. After you have listed down all of your liabilities, you need to commit yourself to paying their minimum balances regularly. 

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